Do you ship to all U.S.?

We do ship to all continental U.S.

Do you ship to other parts of the world?

At this point we are shipping only to the continental U.S.

Where are you located?

Miami, Florida

Do you have any physical stores?

We do not have any retail stores open to the public. 

Our HQ location nests our offices and our warehouse.

What carriers do you ship through?

We primarily ship through FedEx and UPS.

Will my perishables survive transit?

We vacuum seal most of our cheeses, then pack them with freeze packs to keep them cold inside a sealed insulated container. Based on National Weather Service forecasts, we include what we deem to be a sufficient quantity of freeze packs to maintain temperature. If necessary, we also include a position a piece of dry ice behind the freeze packs to keep them frozen longer. We schedule your shipment to avoid your package sitting in a shipper's warehouse over the weekend; so if you order on Friday, we will typically hold your order until Monday so it does not spend Saturday and Sunday in an unrefrigerated warehouse.

How is shipping calculated?

Shipping costs are primarily driven by whether or not the package contains any perishable items, as these products often require more costly air shipment. Please see our shipping information page for full shipping charge details.

When will I receive my Subscription Box?

We offer custom order shipping boxes. To place one, please email us at support@matteroftaste.co