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We are 2 friends with Italian roots that respect what food means. We grew up savoring every plate of food on the table. Or at least, most of them… As adults, we had the opportunity to travel around the world, discovering different dishes, unique ingredients and the cooking process according to each culture.

We learned enough to encourage us to continue exploring new horizons and share our humble knowledge with our families and friends.

Along these years, without even noticed it, we created a formula that mixes what responsible food growing means, the respect to the sustainability within the process and the reality on how we live in the daily basis in the US.   

As a result, we become a group of food lovers with the objective to bring high quality food, at the right value, directly to your home. Simple people that love the ritual of food and what food creates around. 

Food is a journey that transports you through its ingredients to different parts of the world.
It is also an experience that unites people, whether while cooking (the best part) or simply enjoying the dishes all together at the table.

Matter of Taste is a meeting point for food lovers, an online store for those who love great ingredients but most importantly tasteful experiences.

We offer a curated selection of international gourmet products such as cheeses, specialty meats, truffles, oils and vinegars, selected condiments and many other gastronomic delights.

For the experts in the kitchen, it is a source of products, many of them not easily available in the United States. For gourmet food lovers, it is a way to explore new horizons, different products, exquisite combinations and simple recipes that will help them discover new pleasures.

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